Security Hanging Set


The Security Hanging System is a fantastic method of locking your valuable art and pieces to the wall.  It is ideally suited to solid walls such as brick or concrete but can be used with hollow board walls with the GeeFix Fixings or where the timber studs can be identified and used.


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Product Description

A ‘Security Hanging Set’ consists of two wall hooks and a ‘T’ screw on the wall side and three security plates fixed to the frame / canvas; two at the top and one at the bottom (centred).

The security plates are placed over the wall hooks and the ‘T’ screw is twisted through the bottom plate  with a security wrench to lock the piece into position.

Perfect for valuable pieces in public spaces, they offer protection from the snatch and run art thief!

The ‘Security Hanging Set’ is designed to lock the pieces to solid walls such as brick and concrete.  They can be used with hollow board walls such as plaster with the used of ‘Wall Mates’ for the top brackets and the GeeFix Fixings for the ‘T’ Screw.  Alternatively, three GeeFix Fixings could be used.


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