Approach to Sustainability

At Shakespeare Solutions we are acutely aware that embracing more sustainable practices is important for ensuring the health of our environment and future generations; by virtue of this it also makes good business sense in the long run.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that we will be perfect immediately our goal is to significantly improve (and maintain) our practises in the day to day running of our business.  As a basis for enacting change this we have adopted the age old strategy of Reduce, Ruse, Recycle.

We wholeheartedly encourage any feedback or suggestions you may have that could help us to achieve this goal

Edward Banks – Owner   

Reasons for taking a sustainable approach to business

Approach so far

  • Recycle Soft Plastics with REDcycle
  • Recycle Cardboard Packaging
  • Recycle Office & Staff Waste
  • Always consider a recycling alternative before using a bin (we have removed our warehouse bin to ensure this occurs)
  • Reuse inbound packaging as much as possible
  • Replace plastic based packaging with paper and cardboard where practical (we are still using up existing unfriendly packaging :()
  • Take food scraps home and place in worm farm composting
  • Keep lights and electrical equipment completely OFF when not in use
  • Change warehouse tubes to LED's (06/02/2018)

Working towards

  • Further replace plastic packaging with sensible alternatives
  • Improve office insulation
  • Work with suppliers to reduce and improve inbound packaging
  • Offset carbon footprint of outbound freight