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Showing all 5 results

The first step in purchasing ‘The Slimline Art Hanging System’ is to decide on the track (or rails) required.  The track is available in 2 metre lengths in both Anodised Silver and Power Coat White finishes.  You will require 1 pack of the Wall Anchors for every length of track, these are sold separately.

How much do I need?

Whilst most clients prefer to run the track then entire length walls for practical and aesthetic purposes, others will place the track only where likely to be required.   In either case we need to calculate the total linear metres required and the best break down of lengths; minimising cuts and joins.

We recommend measuring and recording the lengths of the walls to have ‘The Slimline Art Hanging System’ track installed and then begin by allocating entire lengths to the walls.  When you get to a remainder smaller than a length, note it down for later.  Once all the walls have been allocated full lengths, begin allocating lengths to the remainders.  With this complete you will have a list of the required lengths for the gallery space.

Which finish to choose?

The finish of the track is largely a personal choice however, some clients prefer to choose white in order to match lighter coloured walls whilst others will prefer the contrast look.  The track can be painted if desired.

Can the track be cut and joined?

The track can be easily cut with a basic hacksaw* and straight cuts can be achieved with a mitre box.  We recommend placing a ‘Wall Anchor’ (used to secure the track to the wall) where joins exist, this will ensure a smooth and continuous look.

What is the weight rating per metre of track?

We don’t provide a per metre weight rating on the track.  Naturally when suspending art one can either suspend a few large pieces (heavy) or many small pieces but either way a natural limit is reached. We do however provide a capacity rating for our droppers and hooks; provided these are adhered too (up to 14kg per dropper in the case of the Stainless Steel) the track will be more than capable.

* we recommend a 24 TPI* Blade