Black & Decker Auto Leveling Laser / Stud Finder


The Black & Decker Auto Leveling Laser and Stud Finder makes installing your picture hanging system and aligning your art a breeze with the added benefit of also having a built in stud finder.

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Product Description

This is another one of our ‘go to’ tools at Shakespeare Solutions.  It helps with installing picture hanging system track (when not being installed against a cornice, ceiling or similar) by providing a level line which is used to align the fixing screws.  It can be pinned to a plasterboard or similar surface with the included spike which means you don’t have to continuously maneuver a traditional, tripod mounted, laser level around the room.

The built in stud finder is also quite capable and when used in conjunction with the Magnetic Stud Finder – The StudBuddy we find that we can easily locate most drywall studs.

If you are using a picture hanging system the tool will continue to be useful when aligning multiple pieces on the system at the same height.  It takes the guesswork out of the job and significantly reduces the time spent aligning pieces.