picture leaning forward on picture hanging system

How to Hang Pieces Flat on a Picture Hanging System

In comparison to a traditional picture hook, picture hanging systems do not offer the same ‘pull’ into the wall and this can sometimes cause pieces to lean further forward than desired. This will effect pieces of different formats, sizes and weight differently. Here is a guide on how to deal tackle this issue.

Firstly, is this actually a problem for you? Put your pieces up and decide whether it is actually a concern. In some circumstances the lean can be quite acceptable and add to the viewing angle of the piece.

However, in other circumstances the effect can be quite pronounce and undesired; I found this to be especially the case in small hall ways were piece on either side cause quite a narrowing effect!

The solution is to lock the top of the piece to the dropper with our HangRight Clips and push the bottom of the piece out from the wall slightly by installing our felt wall protectors. This solution ensures the piece sits as flat on the wall as possible whether using 1 or two droppers to hang.  It is also very useful technique when trying to hang multiple pieces in a column but this is a topic for another post!

Any questions, please let me know.

Cheers for now,


Ed – Shakespeare Solutions

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