Hanging a Patchwork Quilt

Hanging Quilts

Hanging Quilts can be a fabulous addition to your home or office and a great way to display the fruits of your labour.  However, as you add to and change your collection you will find that hanging different sized quilts from the same wall hooks doesn’t do justice to your creations or the walls on which they hang!

This situation leads to quilts not being hung, those that are hung never moving or your wall resembling swiss cheese with the number of holes created by all the different hooks.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way! Our hanging systems are an inexpensive and flexible way to hang your quilts.  Once up you can add new quilts or move existing quilts easily and quickly.

Which system to choose?

Ultimately it depends on whether or not you’d like to add our lighting system to your quilt gallery, however, in the vast majority of circumstances clients hanging quilts have opted to use ‘The Slimline Art Hanging System‘ with clear tape droppers and standard adjustable hooks.

To watch a brief video on our art hanging systems please click on the links below:

The Slimline Art Hanging System – most popular for hanging quilts

The Gallery System – when you might light to add lights.

How is the quilt held by the system?

For those new to quilting (or the idea of hanging their quilts), preparing your quilts for hanging on your walls is simple; if you have managed to create the quilt you have all the skills required.  Please watch this short video outlining how to add loops and dowel to your piece in preparation:

When your quilt is ready to hang it is simple a case of placing two hooks underneath the dowel and rolling any excess dropper behind the quilt.  If you have used a dowel or rod that is too large for the hooks we recommend placing some curtain rings around the dowel or rod and hooking these onto the system.

Please contact us if we can assist further, we’d love to help you get your quilts up and onto your walls!

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