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Ikea Picture Hanging System

image of Ikea building

Are you looking for a Picture Hanging System from IKEA?

Over the years we have had a number of customers that have been looking for a Picture Hanging System they viewed at IKEA but actually IKEA has never sold a system in Australia! 

Don’t despair, we can help you hang your PJÄTTERYD pictures and Ribba frames with our brilliant range of picture hanging systems and hanging products.  Sure… they were designed by a bloke named Bruce and not a lad called Lars but we are confident you will find our Aussie designed (and it some cases made) products up to the task of displaying your decor!

As you have managed to find this secret post, apply the following code (or mention it to team member on the phone) to receive a 10% discount on your order. (valid until 30/09/2019)


The best place to start your search is on our Shakespeare Solutions homepage which introduces the picture hanging systems, however if you are after a system for home, you will most likely want to consider the ‘Slimline Art Hanging System‘.

We ship Free of charge Australia wide, have a money back satisfaction guarantee and a best price policy.  Do let us know how we can assist. 🙂



Ed Banks – Shakespeare Solutions.