hanging in a column using a picture hanging system

How to hang art in a column using a picture hanging system

One of the beauties of using a picture hanging system is the ability to hang more than one piece per dropper in a column, however, sometimes getting pieces to sit neatly can be a challenge!  Generally the issue occurs because the pieces ‘interfere’ with one another.  By that I mean the lower piece will often lean out from the wall and pull the top piece off the wall and cause it to swivel around the dropper.  Let me walk you through my approach to overcoming this issue. 

(Naturally, before beginning it is important to ensure that the total weight of the pieces to be suspended is with in the weight rating for the dropper.  Two droppers can be used if required and the process remains the same.)

Ok, so the first port of call is to use a HangRight Clip on each piece to limit the forward lean as mentioned in the ‘How to Hang Pieces Flat on a Picture Hanging System‘ post.  Then, we look at how to ‘push’ the bottom of the pieces from the wall and in doing so allowing a gap for the wire to pass through without hindrance.  Sometimes this gap will need to be 12mm before this occurs and whilst this may sound a lot, it does lead to the best outcome possible.  

Usually when building up the bottom left and right corners I use our ‘Felt Wall Protectors‘ these are 6mm thick and can be doubled if required to allow for the very minimum of interference from the dropper.

With the top of the frames pulled back and the bottom pushed out your pieces should be sitting beautifully on the wall. 🙂

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Ed – Shakespeare Solutions

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