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How to use the Push Button Hooks?

How to use the push button hooks image.

The ‘push button hooks’ for ‘The Gallery System’, the ‘Slimline Art Hanging System’ and our picture rail hangers are the most popular units we sell.  They allow the use to adjust the height of the hook without using a tool, which means pieces can be adjusted without being entirely removed; saving a great deal of time especially when making those millimetre perfect adjustments.  But exactly what do you need to do use them?  

If you inspect the ‘push button hook’ you will note that the wire enters a tube at the top and passes through the centre.  This tube also activates the clutch mechanism which releases the hook and allows it to move.  As such, adjustment is simply a case of removing the weight from the hook and pressing this tube inward toward the centre and sliding the hook as required.  Releasing the tube locks the hook in place. 

As you become comfortable with the hook you will not that the hook can be slide up without pressing the tube.  As such, it can sometimes be easier to start the hook a little lower and then simply edge the hook up into its desired position.

If you have any questions about any of our picture hanging systems, please don’t hesitate to contact me;  call, send me an email or chat online. 

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