The Gallery System Stainless Steel Dropper Kit (2m)


Pack of 10 Stainless Steel Droppers – 2 metres. Stainless Steel Droppers can be inserted at any point along the tracking and are suitable for use with ‘Standard Adjustable’ or ‘ Push Button’ Hooks.

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Product Description

The Gallery System Stainless Steel droppers are a high strength braided stainless steel wire measuring about 1mm thick.   Pre cut to either 2 or 3 metre lengths the droppers are capable of holding 30kgs each.

Things to consider

Compatible Hooks

These droppers can hold either the Standard Adjustable, Push Button or Push Button Security Hooks.  Please note, although the droppers are capable or 30kg each, maximum weight per hook is 20kgs.

Using these droppers

The droppers are connected to the track with included ‘track slides’ which can be inserted at any point without needing to be fed in from one end.

Left over cable should be wound and placed behind the lowest suspended piece.  At no point should the cable be cut as it has been thermally bound to ensure the braiding does not fray.


Weight Capacity




Quantity per Pack


Track Insertion Method

Anywhere (no need to feed from the end)


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