The Gallery System Security Hooks


Pack of 10 ‘Push button’ styled ‘Security Hooks’. These units provide the same ‘snatch and run’ theft protection as the Standard Security Hooks with the added advantage of one handed ‘push button’ adjustment.

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Product Description

The Gallery System Security Push Button Hooks provide protection from the ‘snatch and run art thief’ and can be a great choice for public spaces where supervision may be limited.  They are based on the ‘push button hooks and as such have tool-less operation.

Things to consider

Compatible Droppers

The Gallery System Security Push Button Hooks are designed to work with the Stainless Steel Dropper Kits only.

Design Features

The hook has been cleverly designed with a broad flat back, minimising the chance of any wall bruising if it became stuck between the piece suspended and the wall.  You will note that the hooking point is perfectly centred on the dropper ensuring the hook design does not contribute to forward lean of artwork in any way.

The locking gate on the hook ensures that it stays connected to the artwork in an attempted robbery and very much mitigates the chances o the opportunist thief.


Quantity per Pack


Weight Capacity



Bump ons – foam pads applicable to the bottom corners of the frames


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