The Gallery System Clear Tape Dropper Kit


Pack includes 10 ‘locking capsules’ and 30 metres of clear tape. The tape can be cut with scissors at any point and as such 1 kit makes 10 x 3 metre tape droppers.  This dropper kit is suitable for ‘Standard Adjustable’ styled hooks. The Clear Tape Kit can hold up to 15 kg per dropper.

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Product Description

The Gallery System Clear Tape droppers are a polycarbonate tape styled dropper for The Gallery System; they are a high quality and yet economical option.  Extra ‘Locking Capsules‘ can be ordered should you wish to make a larger number of shorter droppers from the 30 metres of included tape.

Things to consider

Compatible Hooks

These droppers are compatible with the Standard Adjustable Hooks for The Gallery System only.  Adjustment of these hooks must be done with the Allen Key included (with purchase of the hooks) however often this will require the art to be completely removed while adjustment is made.  This process takes significantly longer than the equivalent Push Button styled hooks on the Stainless Steel droppers, something which may or may not be relevant given the environment in which they will be used.

Using these droppers

The Clear Tape Droppers are connected to the track with included ‘locking capsules’.  These must be fed in from one end of the track, a consideration when planning the track layout.  The roll of polycarbonate tape can be cut into suitable sized droppers with a good pair of scissors.



Weight Capacity


Quantity per Pack

30m Roll of Tape (can be cut), 10 Locking Capsules

Track Insertion Method

Must be inserted from an end of the track


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