Slimline Art Hanging System – Track (White)


2 metre length of Aluminium Slimline Tracking – Powder Coat White.

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Product Description

The Slimline Art Hanging System track is the core of the system providing a strong, durable and flexible base for domestic and light duty commercial use.  The track is neat and unobtrusive in appearance and blends in will under a variety of cornices; it also looks great where the cornice has been square set.

Things to consider:

Colour / Finish

Choosing the finish can be a daunting task for some, however, in reality it is simple.  Some clients prefer to choose white to match walls and minimise the visual impact of the track whilst others will opt for the Anodised Silver either to match different coloured walls or to contrast.  Many interior environments use Anodised Silver in door/window frames, handles et cetera.  As such the contrast approach often looks aesthetically appealing.  The track can also be painted should a custom colour be required, generally we recommend running a fine grade sand paper over the track first to assist with adhesion.

Planning the system

Whether the track will be placed only where required or continuously around the room will ultimately be a personal preference or budgetary decision.  In terms of height it sometimes makes sense to follow a pre-existing line, such as the top of window or door frames whilst others occasions may call for the track to be run at the top of the wall under the cornice.

Installation Information 

Installing the track is a simple process that can be easily achieved by a home handyman or maintenance team member.  The track is installed to the wall with the use of the ‘Wall Anchors’ which are sold separately.  The track requires 1 pack of wall anchors per 2 metre length on average.  Whilst it is recommended that the anchors be installed into the studs on a giprock/plasterboard wall, should you need to anchor into a hollow wall, ‘wall mates’ should be used.  These are readily available from any hardware store.

Joins are easily taken care of by placing a wall anchor where the lengths meet, this will ensure and neat, continuous look.

Please read the installation instructions for further information.



Powder Coat White



Profile Dimensions (Height x Depth)

27mm x 10mm

Quantity per Pack


Weight Capacity

N/A – See FAQ


Slimline Art Hanging System

Any questions?:

Please use the black chat box below to discuss any questions you have with our Australian based team.

Can the track be cut?

Yes, the track can be cut using a basic hacksaw. We use a 24tpi (teeth per inch) blade and achieve very neat cuts.

Can the track be joined?

Yes, cleverly no special joiners are required, we simply recommend placing a wall anchor at the join to ensure a neat and continuos look.

What is the weight rating of the track?

We don’t provide a per metre rating on the track. Naturally when suspending art one can either suspend a few large pieces (heavy) or many small pieces but either way a natural limit is reached. We do however provide a capacity rating for our droppers and hooks, provided these are adhered too (up to 14kg per dropper in the case of the Stainless Steel) the track will be more than capable.