Slimline Art Hanging System – End Caps (White)


Pack of 2 Slimline Track End Caps – White

To solve the problem of unsightly open ended track and also provide a 90 degree meeting point for tracking extending around a corner.

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Product Description

The Slimline Art Hanging System End Caps are designed to neatly finish open ends of visible track.  Naturally, these are not required where the track meets a perpendicular wall or indeed another piece of track, as may be the case with an internal corner.




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Slimline Art Hanging System

Any questions?:

Please use the black chat box below to discuss any questions you have with our Australian based team.

Can the track be cut?

Yes, the track can be cut using a basic hacksaw. We use a 24tpi (teeth per inch) blade and achieve very neat cuts.

Can the track be joined?

Yes, cleverly no special joiners are required, we simply recommend placing a wall anchor at the join to ensure a neat and continuos look.

What is the weight rating of the track?

We don’t provide a per metre rating on the track. Naturally when suspending art one can either suspend a few large pieces (heavy) or many small pieces but either way a natural limit is reached. We do however provide a capacity rating for our droppers and hooks, provided these are adhered too (up to 14kg per dropper in the case of the Stainless Steel) the track will be more than capable.