Felt Wall Protectors (40 pack)


These Felt Wall Protectors by ‘HangRight’ have been specially produced to assist users of picture hanging systems to achieve the best hanging results.

Sold in packs of 40 dots, enough for 20 pieces in the standard application or 10 pieces when double height dots are required.


Product Description

The wall protectors consist of a firm felt with an adhesive backing and are acid free.  12mm diameter and 6mm high they are perfect for everyday applications or can be doubled up to create a 12mm high wall protector which can be very useful when you need to push the bottom of the suspended piece out from the wall slightly; often useful when hanging more than once piece on the same dropper.





Grey (designed not to mark wall)


6mm High, 12mm diameter

Self Adhesive



10 dots per sheet, 2 sheets per pack