The Gallery System Push Button Hooks – 1/2 pack of hooks


Pack of 10 push button hooks (adjustable without tools) and foam bumpons (to protect your wall from the bottom two corners of your artwork). Allows the user to adjust the height of a hook with one hand whilst holding the artwork in the other.

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Product Description

The Gallery System Push Button Hooks are an ideal choice for Galleries or applications where items are being changed regularly or tool-less operation is preferred.

Things to consider

Compatible Droppers

The Gallery System Push Button Hooks are designed to work with the Stainless Steel Dropper Kits only.

Design Features

The hook has been cleverly designed with a broad flat back, minimising the chance of any wall bruising if it became stuck between the piece suspended and the wall.  You will note that the hooking point is perfectly centred on the dropper ensuring the hook design does not contribute to forward lean of artwork in any way.


Quantity per Pack


Weight Capacity



Bump ons – foam pads applicable to the bottom corners of the frames


Picture Rail Hangers, The Gallery System

Picture Rail Hook Sie View with Dimensions

Fitting information

Our picture rail hooks have been designed to fit the vast majority of traditional Victorian picture rails on the market.  The internal dimensions of the hook are:

25mm deep x 67mm high

These hooks will fit a number of picture rail designs, including some that are larger than the specified dimensions.  If you are unsure, we recommend purchasing a bundle pack of our picture rail hooks and testing them on your rails.  Naturally, should they not fit your requirement please post them back for 100% refund.