Magnetic Stud Finder – The StudBuddy Plus®


The world’s simplest stud finder, now with the added benefit of two levels and a built in ruler.

A brilliant tool which uses rare earth magnets to locate studs by finding metal screws and nails.  It is also ideal for homes and apartments with metal studs.  The built in levels make it easy to identify stud location further above or below the tool.

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Product Description

We use this tool regularly at Shakespeare Solutions and find that it will often help locate studs in modern dry walls where other stud finders fail.  In fact we liked it so much that we become the distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

It is simply the best tool for locating studs in a home or apartment built with steel studs.  The StudBuddy Plus® has two built in levels and a ruler which help to identify the stud location further away from the tool.

A brilliant tool, we highly recommend having one (or two!) in your tool box when installing our picture hanging systems.