picture hanging system on curved walls

Picture Hanging Systems for Curved Walls

Both ‘The Gallery System’ and ‘Slimline Art Hanging System’ have some ability to absorb fluctuations that regularly occur in walls due to age or bricks that weren’t originally expected to be seen.  Sometimes a compromise has to be made but usually a solution can be found.  It is also true to say that both systems can conform to minor curves in walls although we highly recommend using extra wall anchors and fixings when installing in this fashion and certainly the ‘Slimline Art Hanging System’ is more forgiving in this application.  

If however, you have some architecturally or otherwise design curved walls on which you are wanting to place a picture hanging system, then we have the solution for you!  The process is called ‘cold rolling’ and we have been working on developing a process to ensure we can provide neat curves to your specifications without damaging the surface of the track which would traditionally require refinishing at great expense.

For simply curves, please contact us with the radius of the required curves and the circumference lengths for a quotation.  We love a challenge though, should you have a more complex requirement please provide a drawing with the relevant specifications.

That’s all for this week! Do let me know if you have any picture hanging system questions! 


Ed Banks – Owner

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