Muuto Dots Installed on Plasterboard no studs

Installing Muuto Dots in Plasterboard Walls

‘Mutto Dots are a characteristic family of hooks that make a friendly addition to any wall’ is what is written on the box and I quite agree!

The problem with these friendly hooks is that they can be decidedly unfriendly if you are trying to install them into a hollow wall as inevitably your better half will not want them placed inline with the existing studs. This means you have to try and secure the large (14 gauge) self tapping screw which comes with the Muuto Dot directly into the board; a task which means installing extra timber in the wall, patching and repainting… until now…

The GeeFix Fixings are the ideal solution to this problem. The fixing itself is more than capable of handling the weight of your wifes handbag, your Child’s school bag or evening your child! (Although climbing on them is very much not recommended!) More importantly they are able to accept a wide range of threads including that which comes with the Muuto Dot.

We recommend the following installation method in plasterboard or hollow board walls:

1. Decide where the ‘Muuto Dots’ are to be installed and lightly mark with a pencil.
2. With a stud finder (or the tapping method) identify if any are on or near the studs. Any that are on the edge of a stud consider moving across.
3. Install any that are on the stud by drilling a hole and screwing the ‘Muuto Dot’ in.
4. Where a stud cannot be found, install a ‘GeeFix’ Fixing as per the instructions. (In addition to the fixing you will require a 25mm hole saw or spade bit)
5. With the GeeFix Fixing in place, simply screw the ‘Muuto Dot’ into place.
6. Stand back and enjoy your handy work, knowing the Dot has been well secured and will not require further attention in the future.

Can I use this method if I has already tried installing the ‘Muuto Dots’ without the ‘GeeFix’ Fixings?  Yes, absolutely! One of the great features of these fixings, is that you can remove any existing fixing by drilling around it with a hole saw and replacing with a ‘GeeFix

‘GeeFix’ Fixing can be purchased in packs of 4, 5 or 50 on the product page. Alternatively if you are interesting in retailing the ‘GeeFix’ Fixings please contact me directly.  Please do let me know if we can assist with this product or any of our Picture Hanging Systems.

That’s all for this week!


Ed Banks
Shakespeare Solutions.

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